Youth Football Quarterback Drills To Improve Your Passing Techniques

I’m a former NFL Quarterback, and I’ve some nice quarterback coaching drills to speak about immediately. These youth qb drills will assist enhance mobility, ball safety and their response to varied conditions that come up in the midst of a sport.

Drill #1. Globetrotter

This is a wonderful drill for ball safety. Quarterbacks work the soccer in a round movement round their head, beneath their arms, round their waist, round their knees, round every knee, weaving by their legs and at last “enjoying catch” between their legs.

The coach shout instructions of which physique half the ball revolves around–usually beginning with the top and dealing downwards. Coaches additionally shout the command “reverse” which adjustments the course the ball is rotating. This must be completed quite a few occasions.

The drill concludes with 5 ‘drops’–the quarterback dropping the ball after which grabbing it. That is completed with 5 drops with the ability hand and 5 drops with the off- hand.

Drill #2. Toss sweep and possibility drill

Arrange a line of quarterbacks holding footballs with the coach within the “Operating/Pitch Again” place. The coach must be able behind and off to the aspect of the quarterback–where a working again can be receiving a toss sweep or an possibility pitch.

The quarterback faces away from the coach/working again able the place he can be taking a snap from middle. Quarterback reverses out and executes a toss sweep to the coach. (This simulates both a toss sweep or a fast pitch play.)

You then transfer to the opposite aspect till all have executed the pitch. Then the start quarterback once more executes the pitch to the coach and all different quarterbacks observe until all have executed a pitch each to the suitable and to the left.

Now the quarterback executes an possibility pitch in the identical method. If the kind of possibility your staff runs has an inside or exterior veer dive pretend then this may be simulated within the drill by the quarterback. Within the possibility part of the drill the coach yells “pitch” and the quarterback breaks down and executes a pitch stepping in direction of the “pitch” man/coach.

Drill #Three. Knee drill

Two quarterbacks begin with their proper knees on the bottom, dealing with one another ten yards aside. One quarterback has a ball on the bottom subsequent to his proper leg. The quarterback picks up the ball together with his energy hand, places the ball to his ear together with his off- hand additionally on the ball and throws it to his companion quarterback throughout from him. The companion QB catches the ball, locations it on the bottom and does precisely the identical factor throwing the ball again.

The quarterbacks proceed enjoying catch on this method whereas the coach helps them with the finer factors of their throwing methods: main with the throwing elbow, ball at ear and pointing first with wrist after which index finger upon launch of the ball.

Drill #four. Three and 5 Step drop and wave drill

Two quarterbacks begin (one with a ball) dealing with one another 15 yards aside. The coach stands about seven yards from the quarterback with the ball. Quarterback with the ball faces the coach in an “beneath middle” place.

The coach provides a command and the quarterback executes a three- step drop together with his ft “chopping/firing” on his third plant step. The coach then provides visible instructions together with his palms (similar to bettering quarterback focus by conserving eyes ahead) and the quarterback executes a wave drill transferring proper, left, ahead and again.

The quarterback with very brief uneven steps solely strikes 2-Three ft within the drill in every course. The final command by the coach is to “throw” to the companion. The coach then turns round and executes the drill with the companion quarterback.

Key factors of emphasis:


  1. Stand tall.
  2. Qb’s should make a really fast in his drop and together with his foot motion.
  3. Be certain that your head is consistently ahead the complete time watching the coach. As soon as accomplished, the drill will also be executed for a 5 or seven- step drop.


Drill #5. Boot/Dash out and throw

Two quarterbacks begin (one with a ball) dealing with one another 10 yards aside however staggered so one quarterback is 15 yards to the suitable of the quarterback with the ball. The coach stands roughly equidistant between each quarterbacks.

The quarterback with the ball faces ahead in an “beneath middle” place. On the coaches’ command the quarterback executes a bootleg, faking a handoff to his left, after which bootlegging to his proper and throwing the ball to his companion quarterback. The quarterback who simply accomplished the throw returns to his unique place. The coach turns round and has the companion quarterback execute the drill.

As soon as the boot part is accomplished the quarterbacks full the drill utilizing dash out methods. Then each quarterbacks transfer ten yards up area and switch round to allow them to execute the drill to the left aspect. This continues till the coach determines a adequate quantity of repetitions have been accomplished.

Drill #6. Throw on the run drill

Two quarterbacks face one another 15 yards aside with one quarterback having a ball. Because the quarterback with the ball begins “working” in direction of his companion, the companion backpedals. The quarterback with the ball throws the ball to his companion.

As his companion catches the ball he now begins to run ahead with the opposite qbnow again peddling. The qb run and backpedal as they play catch with the soccer till the coach determines a adequate quantity of repetitions have been accomplished.


In all of those drills the coach is working with the qbs on perfecting their methods in throwing, executing a toss sweep or possibility pitch and establishing correct footwork. Particular consideration to the main target of the eyes and footwork in these drills will do an important deal to enhance the effectivity and quickness of the qb’s.

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Todd Krueger is a former NFL สเต็ปบอล Quarterback that was a eighth spherical draft choose in 1980 by the Buffalo Payments. He additionally performed with the Houston Oilers, Minnesota Vikings and the Arizona Wranglers within the USFL.

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